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Sultan's Gold


The Sultan and his belly dancing daughter, Nisha, have lost their family treasure. As a friend of Nisha's, you've been asked to give her a hand. She knows you've done investigative work in the past. The treasure - and jackpots - are located somewhere in the Golden Dome Castle.

Sultan's Gold is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot game that takes you on a fun, nostalgic trip to India. You'll find free spins, multipliers, a sexy belly dancer and shiny swords and lamps from the days of Aladdin.

Prepare your backpack - a limo is waiting for you outside the hotel. Let your Aladdin adventure begin!

Sultanic Symbols

If you've ever seen a movie or cartoon about Aladdin, you'll recognize the symbols of Sultan's Gold. The Sultan himself is the highest paying symbol. His daughter, Nisha, the second highest paying symbol of the game.

The other symbols of the game include a golden lamp and a sharp silver sword. The letters and numbers A, J, K, 9 and 10 are your "routine payouts" of Sultan's Gold.

The Golden Dome Castle is the Wild and Scatter Symbol of Sultan's Gold. There is also a Mystery Scatter Symbol which you can read about in the section to your right.

Look out for the Sultan!

The Sultan's Free Spins Bonus

Look out for the Golden Dome Scatter Symbol. When 3 or more appear anywhere on the reels, you've won 10 free spins with a Mystery Scatter. What is a Mystery Scatter?

A Mystery Scatter is one of the regular symbols chosen randomly. The Mystery Scatter transforms into scatter type behavior - it will count as a win when scattered anywhere on the reels!

The Mystery Scatter even pays according to the original symbol's paytable multiplied by the total bet. This is like adding a free wild to the reels - you're very likely to increase your payouts during free spins.

Win 10 Free Spins!

The Sultan's Golden Jackpot

Some slot games have huge progressive jackpots with miniscule odds to achieve them. Not so with Sultan's Gold. Instead, you have normal sized jackpots with much better odds to actually win!

Match 5 Sultan Symbols for a whopping 5,000 coins! Match 4 Sultans for 1,000 coins. The Sultan's daughter, Nisha, is worth 2,000 coins when matched 5 times and 400 coins for 4 matches.

The Golden Lamp and Silver Sword are your "mini-jackpots". Match 5 and you've won 750 coins! Even 4 are worth 100 coins. The letters and numbers are worth 150 coins for 5 matches and 40 coins for 4 matches.

The Scatter Symbol pays 200 coins for 5 matches and 20 coins for 4 matches.

Find the Sultan's Lost Jackpot!

The Sultan's Gold in a Nutshell

The Sultan's Gold slots game was new to us. We've never played an Indian themed game. For starters, its a nice break from the usual super hero slot games that players must be growing tired of.

The Sultan and his daughter are your jackpots - you can win between 1,000 and 5,000 coins for matching them 4 or 5 times. We were able to match both of them 3 times for 40 and 100 coins each.

The free spins bonus game is great - we hit it once in our 20 minute spinning session. This was the first time we've come across a Mystery Scatter - great idea! The Mystery Scatter makes it hard NOT to win on each free spin.

Sultan's Gold has fun, easygoing game play and pleasant graphics. Give it a spin!

Win a Golden Jackpot!

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